Sheila Keegan | Portfolio
Paintings, illustrations, hand lettering, and surface pattern designs by artist Sheila Keegan. Portfolio website includes artwork for children's books, editorial, and surface design.
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Milky Tin

Borneo Hat

Jungle Bathing

Ice Skating Cats

Blue Mermaid

Princess Maya

Bliss Coffee

Tea Leaves and Flowers

Cactus Garden in Blue

Abstract Bouquet

Gardening Journal

Dressmaking Cats

Space Cats

Lucky Cat

Baker Cat

Spring Kitties

Fashionista Kitties

Cat Posse

Summer Cats

BFF Kitties

Yellow Dress Cat

Grateful Heart

Sewing Hand

New Zealand Bird Pattern

“Maira Collects” Book Cover

Japanese Breakfast

Holiday Cookies

Vintage Pot Holders

Be Brave

Jack & Olivia

New Zealand Map

Gingerbread House

Cat Sushi

Voodoo Doll

Peanut Butter and Jam Bars Recipe

Quand le Poulet Auront des Dents

Lucky Symbols Pattern

Azalea Girl Character Sheet