Sheila Keegan | About
Paintings, illustrations, hand lettering, and surface pattern designs by artist Sheila Keegan. Portfolio website includes artwork for children's books, editorial, and surface design.
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Hello and welcome!


My name is Sheila Keegan and I’m a freelance children’s illustrator currently living in Beijing, China.


I enjoy making artwork that tells a delightful story and has a handmade feeling. My work is inspired by nature, cute animals, and diverse cultures from around the world.


My artwork has appeared in magazines, books, galleries, and on jewelry. Recent clients include They Draw and Travel, Stroly, Uppercase Magazine, 798 Children’s Art Gallery, Green Girl Studios, and Allegory Gallery.





I grew up in Florida with three siblings, several cats, and quirky parents who obsessed over recreating the Philippine jungle in our backyard. Like many children, I loved getting a fresh box of crayons every year before school started. I would lose myself in the colors, drawing away, until broken nubs remained. Not much has changed, except now I use gouache, watercolors, and colored pencils.


After high school, I went north and studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design and earned a BFA in product design. After a few years of freelancing in design, I transitioned to illustration, returning to my love of drawing, painting, and visual storytelling.





I hope you enjoy my illustrations. If you are interested in working with me or would like to say hello, feel free to get in touch, and I invite you to follow along on social media.



Have a wonderful day!


sheilatkeegan (at)